Monday, 25 February 2013

Stone One Free Standing Bath - Value for Your Money

With stone baths taking over the luxury bathroom frontier, getting a Stone One free standing bath is the height of luxury for any home. You get to enjoy unmatched comfort during baths, and the touch of class it adds to your bathroom will be worth your investment. Free standing bathtubs come in a variety of designs and models, and you should have no problem finding one that will suit your bathroom perfectly. There are large, opulent tubs for bigger bathrooms as well as corner bathtubs if your bathroom is limited on space.

While most people assume that stone material is cold and would only be appropriate for cold baths, it actually has great insulation properties that help maintain the temperature of the water in the bath for a longer, more relaxing bath. In addition, the baths are highly polished so they are smooth to the touch and non-slip for the most sensual baths.

Size And Weight

The size of a free standing bathtub should be given careful consideration before purchase. Not only do you need to ensure that it will fit your bathroom, but the tub must also pass through your main door and bathroom door as well as the stairwell or corridor leading to the bathroom. In addition, the bathroom floor should comfortably support the weight of the tub, keeping in mind the additional weight of the water and the person using the tub. Heavy stone baths are typically installed in ground floor bathrooms, but you can also go for a lighter stone resin bath that comes with all the natural benefits of stone without the drawback of excess weight.

Maintaining Your Bathtub

The maintenance and upkeep of a free standing stone bath may actually be a lot easier than that for a regular bathtub, although it may need a little more time. Rinsing and wiping your tub after every use will eliminate the task of scrubbing due to accumulated grime. Note that leaving drops of water or soap could lead to a blotchy appearance due to the accumulation of minerals. You would require mild household abrasives to remove the blotches, although wiping the bath with absorbent cloth after bathing would easily eliminate this task and retain the stone bath's natural beauty for a longer period.


Stone is non-porous, so you would not have to worry about fungi, bacteria or mold eating away at your bathtub. It is also hard-wearing, which means the likelihood of damage is minimal and you will not need to replace the bath for years to come. However, in case of minor or accidental damage, stone baths can easily be repaired on site, so you don't have to go through the trouble of moving it. When purchasing your bathtub, be sure to ask your supplier about its warranty.

A Stone One free standing bath is a worthwhile investment when you need to renovate your bathroom or style it from scratch. You also get to choose between a natural matt or gloss stone finish. Matching bathroom accessories would be appropriate for creating a consistent theme, with the bathtub as the centerpiece.